Sarah Jane Bond 

From fashion to farmer! After a career in fashion and media, Vanessa Bell started her business 'Sarah Jane Bond' from her farm near Goulburn in NSW producing hand knitted baby blankets from super fine Merino wool.  

On the birth of her son Vanessa searched for 'a proper cot blanket' to keep her baby safe and warm, she reached for her great grandmother's Merino woollen blanket (still going strong after 80 years) this blanket being a family heirloom.  To bolster the brand Vanessa decided to name her business after her great grandmother 'Sarah Jane Bond' with Sarah's beautiful knitting the catalyst and inspiration to create family heirloom baby blankets.  The miraculous longevity of this remarkable fibre ensures each blanket should see numerous children sleeping comfortably under the very same blanket.

Sarah was a lady dedicated to the wellbeing of her family in fairly tough social and economic circumstances living in Forbes and Dubbo in the Central West of New South Wales, Australia.  Like many other mothers, she knitted with Merino to create comfortable baby wear and durable clothes for her children.  

'Sarah Jane Bond' is a business built on love and longevity.

Quality and customer service is our priority

Each baby blanket is made from 100% Australian pure Merino wool with some blankets taking as long as 3 months to make.  Each blanket is lovingly hand knitted and each completely unique.  The relationships we create with families often span the birth of many children within each family and we pride ourselves on outstanding personal customer service.  We really love receiving wonderful photographs and messages from new parents and or grandparents!  It truly is an honour to know our blankets are providing comfort and cuddles to children all over the world.  

Wool innovation and provenance

We pride ourselves on understanding and translating wool innovation to our customers.  As a brand we’re especially interested in the natural attributes of wool and the outstanding benefits it provides for children.  

In terms of origin, as farmers we grow Merino wool in one of the oldest and highly respected Merino districts in the world, Goulburn NSW Australia. Presently the wool used for our product is commercially produced and sourced from Bendigo, Victoria Australia.  It is Vanessa's long term goal to produce a true "paddock to blanket" offering utilising home grown Merino wool from non-mulesed sheep, ethically farmed with complete traceability.  

A simple mix of fresh air, sunshine, grass and water, Australian wool is lovingly cultivated by generations of Australian woolgrowers. As farmers, we nurture every step of the growing process to deliver one of the earth’s finest and most precious fibres.

Founder and Owner

"We’re thrilled you are acquiring a family heirloom and hope your 'Sarah Jane Bond' baby blanket brings you and your baby much joy and comfort.  We hope like our own blankets, you're able to hand it down through future generations as a special keepsake." 

Vanessa Bell - Owner & Founder

Vanessa and her husband Philip run sheep and cattle from their properties “Greendale” Breadalbane and "Wirchilleba" Gilgunnia in NSW Australia. 

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