Buy From The Bush was created on 16th October, 2019 and began as an Instagram account showcasing the beautiful things available to buy from rural communities facing drought. The account called on city friends to look to the bush for their Christmas shopping and by so doing, invest in keeping rural communities alive through the drought. Seven weeks later it had over 130,000 followers and had increased rural postage figures by 40%. It seemed the city heard the call for help and as Slim Dusty would say provided a ‘flood of human kindness’ directed at small bush businesses. 

Buy From the Bush aims to connect bush businesses with city customers. It celebrates the creativity, productivity, innovation and resilience of rural communities.  It is proof that outcome-focused, community driven change can have a real impact. It is also evidence that urban and rural communities are connected, never more profoundly, than in times of crisis.* www.buyfromthebush.com.au

'Sarah Jane Bond' was invited to attend the first ever #BFTB Pop-Up Market in Martin Place Thursday 12th December, 2019.

"Thank you to the people of Sydney for coming down to Martin Place yesterday to support #Buyfromthebush so very grateful to the buyfromthebush team and all those who contributed to making the event so fantastic. We did the bush proud with every store representing beautifully made and unique products. The response was overwhelming, I certainly didn’t expect to be interviewed twice for the ABC’s National live breakfast show which was tremendous. The drought is catastrophic, a remarkable opportunity to speak first hand with people in the city about what we are going through. The genuine love and support was incredible and brought me to tears as I left Sydney to come home."

"I wonder what my great grandmother ‘Sarah Jane Bond’ would say if she knew 80 years after knitting a baby blanket her name would be up in Martin Place in Sydney Australia!  I remember as a young child going back to visit Sarah’s house in Dubbo, my grandma Ruby sitting next to me in the car with tears in her eyes as the memories of her childhood came rushing back. In those days Martin Place may as well have been London. So grateful for the extraordinary life I’m living and hope my great grandmother together with my much loved Ma, are in heaven looking down with a smile. Both very conservative elegant women, frugal and hard working," said Vanessa Bell. 

ABC extract of interview at 01:31. 


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