GOULBURN POST Wednesday 12 June, 2019 By Neha Attre

It was about sharing ideas and connecting with other businesses at this month's Goulburn Connect.  

Guest sepaker Vanessa Bell from 'Sarah Jane Bond' spoke at length about her love for wool and the journey of her business which produces hand-knitted baby blankets from super fine Merino wool. 

"It's been really wonderful creating a brand that aligns with my life now," Mrs Bell said.  "I was looking for something to keep my son warm one night when my mother suggested a family heirloom which was a blanket knitted by my late great grandmother Sarah in 1940.  It was just what I was looking for.  Sarah's beautiful work was the inspiration for me to create these gorgeous baby blankets which are special heirlooms to be handed down to generations.  Even after so many years, it is still on my son Charlie's bed."  

She has named the company after her late great grandmother and her products are sold exclusively online.  

"It was a conscious business decision to sell the products only through an online platform as I want to maintain quality control, provide excellent customer service and connect with people all over the world," Mrs Bell said.  

She feels that the digital space can sometimes be over-whelming but learning how to use the various platforms can work to the advantage of business.  

"Digital storytelling is the most fantastic way of delivering your unique story to the world." she said.  

There were pitches from Jessica Day from OTTParty Supplies, Belinda Smith from F45 Training Goulburn and Ben Scroope from Yass Valley Building Certifiers.  


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