Fashion to farmer, ex model finds niche in baby market

Australian Merino wool has a new advocate; ex model and media professional Vanessa Bell has launched a new brand “Sarah Jane Bond” targeting the baby segment (newborns to 5 years), a market in which Merino wool has traditionally been limited.

Twelve years modelling for illustrious European clients such as Armani, Christian Dior, Comme des Garçons and a robust calibre of advertising work with magazines such as Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, Vanessa is no stranger to the very best in fabric quality and craftsmanship. The runways of Tokyo seem a long way from the globally renowned wool-growing district of Goulburn she now calls home.

“I’m not your usual farmer however I’ve become very passionate about wool and inspired by the outstanding growers in our region. Our district is very cold; 3 years ago I’d just had a new baby and was struggling to find a blanket to keep him warm. In searching for blankets I realised there weren’t any ‘proper’ blankets on the market for the category, just basic light throws or poor quality factory knitted blankets made from wool mix or polyester. Like any new mum I wanted the best for my baby.”

“My mother came to the rescue handing me a family heirloom, a gorgeous baby blanket knitted by my great-grandmother Sarah Jane Bond back in 1940. Sarah’s blanket was exactly what I was after; sublimely soft it had some weight to it and was the perfect size for a cot. Her beautiful work was the inspiration for me to create gorgeous baby blankets, ideally a special keepsake to be handed down through future generations. It’s been wonderful creating a brand which aligns with my life now given we run sheep and cattle across two properties in NSW.”

Sarah Jane Bond is more than just another baby brand it’s a voice promoting the natural properties and versatility of Merino wool to the world.

“I’m passionate about communicating the incredible attributes of this natural fibre, especially to people from the ‘city’. Merino is a highly efficient insulator, keeping children cool and fresh in hot temperatures and cosy warm in colder weather. Its thermo-regulating properties help children sleep better, it’s anti bacterial and fire retardant making it an incredibly wise choice for parents. I guess you know when you’re onto a good thing, seeing bubs wrapped in our beautiful blankets makes my heart sing.”

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August 14, 2017 by Vanessa Bell
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